Arnaque au don : Miss Nora.


Pseudonyme utiliséMiss Nora.
Contenu de l'arnaqueGreetings,

My name is Miss Nora The only daughter of late Mr and Mrs Joseph Limola, I write to seek your able co-operation & assistance to help retrieve and invest the estate of my deceased parent. The estate is of no criminal origin, as it was largely realized from black market sale of alluvial gold dust in order to finance his presidential election campaign. The money has been deposited in a Bank here in Abidjan, (Ivory Coast). from where I am contacting you now. I now want to transfer this money abroad and invest it in profitable ventures,

My intention is to transfer this money to your country for investment on a lucrative business which you will manage, I am too young to handle such huge amount involve, I will give you more information, the amount involve and my coordinates as soon as I hear from you. Also I have decided to offer you 20% from the total estate as a compensation for your efforts input in this transaction, that is just for your honest and sincere assistance to me. You will be in charge of handling and controlling the investment while i continue my education.

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Best Regards
Miss Nora.
Commentaire / ExplicationsPour changer, encore une riche héritière en détresse...
Baratin habituel de l'arnaqueur qui vous plumera si vous répondez.
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