Arnaque de prêt : 0753842780 REAL ESTATE INVESTORS


Url / Site
Téléphone07 53 84 27 80 (+ d'infos)
Contenu de l'arnaquecredit thieves ,scammers ,reket
Commentaire / ExplicationsThese guys position themselves as angels investors ,and do not work with banks and do not transfer money ,only in person after signing the contract give cash.Now moment :
1) The nominal value of the Euro is 500 , respectively, if you take a loan of 1M euros you imagine this is how many packs of money they have to carry ,no one in their right mind will not carry such money in a suitcase or in a bag.
2) They do not invite you to the office ,all right because they do not have it ,the site is written address 253 Boulevard de Leeds59800 Lille at this address to be a hotel and offices but such a company is not known there.
3) the phone number does not match the code of the city of Lille.
4) When meeting two young black man is not like angels or investors who have ever met with the investor he immediately realize that this charlatans crooks with cheap paraphernalia.
5) what will happen next you will learn when you make a fake deal to the end, Our advice do not try to deal with these crooks ,they are not investors and not lenders .No you in the bag will not bring the money in such quantity and especially who knows France and how the French use the money immediately realize that this is a bluff.
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Type de numéroNuméro mobile
Formats usuels
  • 0753842780
  • 07 53 84 27 80
  • 07-53-84-27-80
Format international
  • +33 7 53 84 27 80
Opérateur téléphoniqueLycamobile SARL
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