Arnaque au don : Alexius McClain


Pseudonyme utiliséAlexius McClain
Contenu de l'arnaqueHello people,

Please read this massage very carefully to stop your wrong
dealings before you end up bankrupt like I was In the hands of
scammers, PLEASE do NOT respond to any ONE contacting to tell you
BANK,…… PLEASE NOTE ALL ARE FAKE, I am Alexius McClain, my
address 421 Tolbert Court apartment f Spring lake North Carolina
28390, in case you want to verify, I am a living testimony,

It’s clear we don’t know each other but out of JOY I had to let
the world know this before our people deeply got defrauded, For
the past Eight years I was trying to get my victim payment and
all my entire effort was feeding scammers thinking I was helping
myself, I lost all I had labored all my life including my house
and cars, but thank God for my pay check that keeps me going
until this very God visited me weeks ago through a woman from
Honolulu Hawaii, she emailed me to contact a barrister in Nigeria
to claim my fund, and also advised me to stop dealing with those
contacting, honestly I overlooked it because I thought she could
be one of those scammers, but when this very God want’s to bless
noting withhold, a week latter I got another email from a Man
telling me to contact same barrister, Immediately I decided to
make a step of faith to see if this Barrister were for real or
like other criminals, but the outcome proof me wrong,

Through this barrister I finally received my long over due victim
payment which I never believe I would get, for the past eight
horrible years I started this and got absolutely NOTHING but
being defrauded, but today I am a happy Man which is why I had
decided to share this massage to save lives, I promised myself I
will share this news if finally I receive my fund and here am I,
Plz people you need to contact this barrister to claim yours if
you have not yet contacted, I lost to a different scammers over
$210,000.00 the money i realized after selling my house and Cars
yet GOT NOTHING FROM THEM, But through this Barrister I only paid
$420 to obtain my fund permit and my fund was wired which I
confirmed in less than 48 hours,

I live below the barrister contact email if you have not claim
yours, Email (, she is a honest Woman, all
thanks to her for making me leave a good life even more than I

Yours Sincerely
Alexius McClain
421 Tolbert Court apartment f
Spring lake North Carolina 28390
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Encore un faux témoignage d'une fausse victime indemnisée.
Rien à ajouté si ce n'est que tout ce qui est raconté est bidon.
Pour en Savoir +Que faire en cas d'Arnaque ? Il n'est peut-être pas trop tard...
Alertez vos Amis !

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