Site internet frauduleux :


Pseudonyme utiliséDesigual
Url / Site internet
Contenu de l'arnaqueseems a desigual "official" webstore, but...
Commentaire / Explicationsbut, clearly, it's not a real one, all is fake, as done by industrial Chinese scammers strategy.

don't believe them, don't give them your personal bank accounts
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Pour en Savoir +Guide : 5 Conseils pour acheter sur un site marchand sans se faire arnaquer
Comment détecter les sites internet frauduleux ?
Que faire en cas d'Arnaque ? Il n'est peut-être pas trop tard...
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2 commentaires

  • PBI le 02/09/2019 à 21:38

    I have purchased a Desigual t-shirt and I have been sent a fake gucci scarf that has nothing to do with the t-shirt. This comes from China and has a value of 12 USD as it states the parcel whilst my purchase was more than 40 euros.
    I have been trying to contact them several times and I am not getting any response.
    Do not buy anything from them

  • GBP le 06/09/2019 à 12:48

    I was also scammed!!!!
    Ordered Desigual Jeans and a dress and received fake Tom Ford sunglasses.
    Also can't get hold of them.

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