Arnaque sentimentale : +971529760489 Lisa Bettersby Palacio


Pseudonyme utiliséLisa Bettersby Palacio
Url / Site internet
Téléphone+971 52 976 0489 (ou 009710529760489) (+ d'infos)
Contenu de l'arnaqueI was introduced to Facebook in 2018 by scammer. Lisa Palaci introduced himself as Bettersby as an American soldier serving in Damascus. According to the latest information, the fraudster is an African woman, CHIDIEBERE NWABUEZE.CHIDIEBERE NWABUEZE is an African woman who was on the friends list of this fake profile.. and also the URL. His new Facebook profil:
I read this :
He asked me to pay for his parcel delivery from Phnom Penh (Cambodia) to Hungary. He said there was money in the package and a gold bar that had been seized from the Taliban. I transferred half of the shipping cost, $ 2250 to ROATSEA PICHTHIDA, Rolvan Logistics shipping company agent to Phnom Penh. The deal was that I would pay the other half of the shipping fee upon receipt of the package. After the money was transferred, the shipping dei was raised to $ 7,500, which I could not pay. I asked for my money back, but it didn't happen.
The American Army told me that there was no soldier named Lisa Palacio Bettersby. The Siófok Police in Hungary suspended the investigation because it was not possible to identify the perpetrator.
Commentaire / ExplicationsBooked item

Account holder: Hóber Ferenc Source account: Type: Foreign currency payment Booking date: 2018.07.23, Monday Value Date: 2018.07.23, Monday Reference: OLD18G056151 Amount: -635 422,50 HUF Transaction partner: ROATSEA PICHTHIDA
USD 2.250,00 Note: 2250 USD
Piece(s) jointe(s)
  • Nigerian scammer
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  • +971 52 976 0489
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TerritoireÉmirats arabes unis
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