Arnaque via PayPal : +85297175256 fanvian


Pseudonyme utiliséfanvian
Url / Site
Téléphone+852 9717 5256 (ou 0085297175256) (+ d'infos)
Contenu de l'arnaqueFanvian & pp.vipcs
Votre Commentaire / Vos Explicationsplaed an order to these person on 5/17/19 e-mailed them because I made an error & tried call phne don`t work thay don`t answer e-mails & i`m still waiting but hey got paid to pp.vipcs throgh Paypal & haven`t ecieved order & paypal won`thelp
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Analyse du numéro de téléphone +852 9717 5256

Type de numéroNuméro mobile
Format international
  • +852 9717 5256
PaysR.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong
TerritoireR.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong

2 commentaires

  • Lucie le 19/06/2019 à 19:57

    for me it said England

  • Luke le 08/07/2019 à 19:20

    I was scamed hy this Company Fanvian!!! I bought 116.00 worth

    Of merchamdise and never received it. Started to get inn touch with them by msg them and they can't find my order. They put a phone number on there and it is bogas. Even an extra number in the actual number from England also Lucie. I got a legitimate looking e-mail from Pay Pal. I didn't use PayPal. So I contacted them and you have to sign up for a PayPal account to be able to get a refund, something is fishy about this. I saw where the number was listed on your scam site. I called our credit card to tell them I had been scamed and they are investigating the company.

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