Arnaque de prêt : 0757911788 Global Angel Investors Network


Pseudonyme utiliséGlobal Angel Investors Network
Url / Site
Téléphone07 57 91 17 88 (+ d'infos)
Contenu de l'arnaquetranslation and registration fees
Commentaire / Explicationsthe old scheme, idiots on one site, they write that investors they do not have fees and stuff , then safely you sent to the site of the alleged Bank and there you breed for money ,it's simple , you think you have after the registration on fejkova Bank the money and you will list on your account .but that's not the task to do it you need to pay. respectively after payment these bastards will disappear
Pour en Savoir +Article: Tout Savoir sur les Arnaques de prêts.
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Analyse du numéro de téléphone 07 57 91 17 88

Type de numéroNuméro mobile
Formats usuels
  • 0757911788
  • 07 57 91 17 88
  • 07-57-91-17-88
Format international
  • +33 7 57 91 17 88

1 commentaire

  • Harry le 22/10/2019 à 15:02

    I have been offered a loan but then my monies sent to and I am asked to pay verify fee verify fee and pay for a bitcoin to insure
    i have paid the first two
    is this all legimitate

    • Andrele 23/10/2019 à 21:13

      who did you pay?Global Angel Investors Network

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