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Pseudonyme utiliséEmily
Url / Site
Contenu de l'arnaqueDo can order branded stuff (Guess) and you will receive different stuff from cheap Quality. There is no replacement or Money back.
They offer to buy again by getting 30% Discount and the correct stuff.
Commentaire / ExplicationsThe shop assured that the warehouse made a mistake. There is correction of this failure (no replacement or Money back).
The offer to order again and you will get 30% Discount and a gift to compensate the failure.
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3 commentaires

  • yasna le 08/07/2019 à 16:24

    I bought a specific product and received something nothing to do with it.

  • Linda le 20/08/2019 à 18:51

    Total scam. These people have several websites with different names. I ordered from SuperDry which is a reputable company, but I didn't notice the website address showed as gojoberrydesigns and billing was from AIP*HEANTINGS.COM. I ordered cosmetics and received sunglasses. They asked me to keep the sunglasses and send them 70% by bank transfer to receive the correct product. Then they reduced to 30%. I hope they get caught!!

  • Chimmy le 10/09/2019 à 17:56

    I had the same exact story
    i ordered an item got in the mail something else (garbage)

    they offered compensation
    by asking to buy again with a 30% discount
    Money lost !!!!

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