Arnaque au don : Inspector Clem Doff


Pseudonyme utiliséInspector Clem Doff
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Contenu de l'arnaquePayment Approved Number: EA/NL/Q22/NL77

Inspector Clem Doff
Dim 14/07/2019 19:36


This is Inspector Clem Doff, INTERPOL Consultant in West African Region. I wish to update you on the latest development regarding your fund. The total sum of £850,000:00 GBP belonging to you was lifted from Bank of Africa to Europe Arab Bank PLC in London UK. You are entitled to receive the aforementioned amount with no delay, get in-contact with Europe Arab Bank PLC in London UK and you will be properly director on how to receive your fund. Forward this Payment Approved Number EA/NL/Q22/NL77 and the required detail to the bank in LONDON UK.

Payment Approved Number: EA/NL/Q22/NL77
Your Full Name:.....................
Your Address:............................
Telephone Number:.....................

Get in-contact with Europe Arab Bank PLC in London UK with below detail. Note email only for record purpose.

Director: Nemeh Sabbagh, CEO Arab Bank Group and Chairman EAB
Bank Name: Europe Arab Bank PLC
Address: 35 Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1RB, UK
Working Hours: Open 9am - Closes 6pm Monday-Friday.
Website: (

Europe Arab Bank
Private banking. Dedicated Private Banking centres in London, Paris and Cannes +44 (0) 20 7315 8500

Inspector Clem Doff, INTERPOL Consultant.
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