Arnaque sentimentale : Lady Irinulenka


Pseudonyme utiliséLady Irinulenka
Contenu de l'arnaqueAloha my great pen-friend!

Lady Irinulenka
Jeu 01/08/2019 10:27

Salutti, Is it possible to become friends?I’d like to beg pardon if I’ve disturbed you with that message, cause maybe you don’t want to have serious relations. If you don’t want to find such kind of relations, just give no answer my email… But in any case, I have a hope that you are a serious man and you will read my letter to the end and reply to it.I’ve seen your info in internert a long time ago, but I do not dare to write to you… It is not in my rules to write to a man first. I suppose that we have common goals at the moment. If you are registered on a dating site, you are seeking for a girl to build relations, aren’t you? I really like your country, culture, life style and mentality of people. That's why I made a decision to write to you, since I dream to leave Russia.If you like, then we could get acquainted. How do you think? I am a single girl and I’d like to meet a nice man in your country to build a new relationship. Maybe it sounds naive, but I’m sure that you has a chance to build serious and long-term relations in the internet which will be based on love and confidence.Now I would like to introduce myself))) My name is IRINA. I’m from Russia and I am already 34 years old. My last relations ended 6 months ago, it is quite a sad story so prefer not to remember about it. So I’m free)) I work as a dentist in a large clinic in my city. Actually I deal with dentures and dental implants. I spend almost allmy day in the dental clinic. Thanks to my work I visited several countries where I’ve improved my skills in dentistry. Well, I am a workaholic. First it was great, but now I suffer from it, because I could not create serious relationship and now I want to change this. The time passes and it becomes more and more difficult to meet new man and create serious relationships. So hard to believe others, especially in the internet. I was registered on some dating, but there I found only perverts who only wroye about sex and naked photos. So I deleted my information from these web sites. I really understood that there were so many bad people in the internet now. I am tired of games and I need no money. I am satisfied with my job and I can pay for my life. Hope you understand me. If you don’t like me and you have some doubts, just don’t write back to my email. Ok? I hope you read this letter to the end… Do you like my pictures? I would like to know more about you if you don’t mind of course. What do you like to do? Do you have hobby? I just want to know as much as possible about you. Maybe you are my mr. number one?Looking forward to get you reply. Irinushulenka
Commentaire / ExplicationsTentative frauduleuse d'une "femme russe" venue surement de Banana Land.

Derrière, cette fausse identité, un brouteur est tapi dans l'ombre, cherchant à m'arnaquer et n'hésite pas à étaler ses pseudo connaissances culturelles (Aloha, Salutti) pour se rende crédible.

Je ne fréquente jamais les sites de rencontre.

Je ne vois pas pourquoi une prétendue femme russe utilise une adresse mail japonaise (

C'est fou ce que le symbole de la monnaie européenne apparaît dans cette sublime rédaction ce qui me confirme une tentative d'arnaque.

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