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Contenu de l'arnaqueWe've updated our list of the best note-taking apps for 2019, and it now includes details on how the major apps handle features like security and encryption. I like to keep it simple, so I'm feeling pretty validated by the fact that my favorites Apple Notes and Google Keep got some nice scores.

Unbelievably snubbed from this list was the official 3M Post-it app, the existence of which I just learned of this week. 3M proudly launched its app on Android this week, a full five years after it was released on iOS. I was upset I didn't know about it earlier, especially when I downloaded it and it asked to use my location. I could have been sharing my location with Post-it notes this whole time! SMH.


No women competed at the Fortnite World Cup, but top players want to change that

The FTC is looking into the Amazon and Apple deal that crushed small resellers

We hardly knew ye, Amazon Dash buttons

Apple stops letting contractors listen to Siri voice recordings

---> Here's how to delete your Siri voice recordings from Apple's servers

+ No Man’s Sky will get its next major expansion on August 14th

REVIEW: Acer Swift 7: thin at all costs

+ TikTok’s a year old, when will its creators make money?

+ What is Mixer, Ninja’s new exclusive streaming home?

VERGECAST: Apple’s earnings report, face unlock for the Pixel 4, and the SMART Act
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Commentaire / Explicationsdommage: j'aurais bien aimé avoir un Samsung S9+
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