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Contenu de l'arnaqueRe: Reminder : [ Statement Added ] - eStatement Receipt : Report Results: We are reviewing your account in dangerous times, please verify on Saturday, September 14, 2019

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Dim 15/09/2019 05:31

Dear Customer,

Your Apple ID has been locked for security reason.

It looks like your account is outdated and requires to updated account ownership information, so we can protect your account and improve our service to maintenance privacy.

To continue using your account again, we advise you to updates the information before 24 hours or your account will be permanently locked.

Verify Now.


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Commentaire / ExplicationsTentative de phishing qui se fait passer pour la société APPLE et qui cherche à récupérer des informations personnelles.

Je n'ai pas de compte APPLE.

Le lien Verify Now. dissimule le site web

J'ai contacté la société APPLE à au sujet de ce pourriel et leur en ai transmis une copie.

Pour en Savoir +Se faire rembourser en cas d'arnaque, c'est possible avec le Chargeback !
Comment signaler une arnaque de Phishing ?
Article: Qu'est-ce que le Phishing ?
Que faire en cas d'Arnaque ? Il n'est peut-être pas trop tard...
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  • john141880 le 15/09/2019 à 19:02

    Voici la réponse de la société APPLE:

    Thanks for your report.
    Dim 15/09/2019 18:41
    Thank you for reporting a suspected phishing email to Apple. This message was automatically generated in response to your report to let you know that we received it. Please don’t reply to this message.

    If you think you might have entered personal information like a password or credit card info on a scam website, immediately change your Apple ID password.

    Scammers use any means they can—fake emails, pop-up ads, text messages, even phone calls—to try to trick you into sharing your information, like your Apple ID password or credit card number.

    To help protect your personal information, use two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, and never share your Apple ID password or temporary verification codes with anyone.... Lire la suite

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