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Pseudonyme utiliséScott kylie
Contenu de l'arnaqueHello Thanks for the message ???? may I know what city are you from and what are you looking for ? btw I'm Kylie have small business , I just got out from a long term relationship???? so i was hoping to meet someone that i can meet up to have fun No String Attached,FWB or Serious Relationship i guess , let me know if you are interested to meet me tonight ? and can you send me some pics of you too ?

PS. here is some pictures of me hope you like it..
Oww to be honest you look handsome???? btw Im glad you're not too far , I live in Coeur De Ville, so where would you like to meet ? can you host ? or how about in my place works for you ? I live alone so I think you can come to my place if you want ? to be honest I'm a lil nervous to meet you..
Sounds great ???? so what do you want me to wear when we meet ? do you want me to wear something special ? or a simple casual dress is fine ? btw before we meet I need to make sure that I am safe with you , at first I really was kinda worried about posting on dating sites bcoz I had a scary experience a year ago meeting someone from personals (I had to call for help he was crazy) Look at this >>
Commentaire / ExplicationsLa femme dit vouloir un homme mais veut les coordonées bancaires.
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3 commentaires

  • sEE_raB le 20/10/2019 à 04:23

    Can confirm this is a scam

    ive got the exact same messages from “Kylie Scott” expect location is different.

  • Pjjoe le 23/10/2019 à 03:58

    Exact Replica: Anabelle Murphy starts with an image of her email (on her shirt) on the Tinder website. Then follows with the exact text you posted here.Her email

  • jojo le 27/10/2019 à 02:52

    LOL Did you mean she is a scammer? I meet him when we talk to me on gmail :) That's the same message and nothings happened to me , I think you are the stalker , coz last time when we meet kylie? she said she had a stalker?

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