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Pseudonyme utiliséWodeshiny
Url / Site internet
Contenu de l'arnaque
Commentaire / ExplicationsCe site est une arnaque ils vendent une soi-disant dashcam alors qu'en vérité il n'y a rien du tout j'ouvre un litige avec Paypal
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3 commentaires

  • François le 19/11/2019 à 23:58

    C'est absolument une arnaque ils vous vendent un produit que vous ne recevrez jamais !!!!

  • Announymous le 25/11/2019 à 22:03

    This definitely appears to be a fake website. 10 days after ordering a to-cheap-to-be-possible projector customer service would not respond to my request for a tracking number. Now at 14 days I initiated a paypal dispute....

    The site is very new. It appears they launched their site just in time for Black Friday and the holiday shoppers in the hopes they would be found out until it is too late.

    Like many I found the projector through facebook adds, which really wouldn't be necessary for a product on this deep a sale. When I click the link they sent it gives 404 error on the page.

  • Mark le 17/12/2019 à 02:17

    Scam! And they're getting smarter about holding Paypal off.

    Ordered the projector, got a flimsy piece of "magnifying" plastic in a beat up plastic envelope.



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