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Pseudonyme utiliséOnline technology Ltd.
Contenu de l'arnaqueUnisex warming heated vest-black/l (qty3)
Commentaire / ExplicationsOrdered Black Friday paid with PayPal have not heard from the vest . Transaction ID 7UP25048NA275321X would like to know what has happened.
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64 commentaires

  • Wynand le 09/01/2020 à 15:26

    I ordered a multi funktional circular saw on the 03 December 2019 and paid for it through Pay-pal. Contacted them on the 8th 0f January and they now claim that they never received my order although I got a Invoice ID

  • josejorge le 16/01/2020 à 15:25




  • Ray le 24/01/2020 à 06:08

    Ordered progressive eyeglass glasses never came ? why does facebook allow companies that they have not vetted to sell in their website.

  • chris le 26/01/2020 à 00:34

    I ordered a unisex heated vest as well, on December 3,2019, via facebook. I never received any updates nor did I receive this item. I filed complaint with Paypal. Paypal furnished me a tracking number. I checked the tracking number and it appears my item was shipped multiple times but item never leaves china. It appears to be a bogus number. I am hoping Paypal makes right this scam and gives my money back.

  • john le 29/01/2020 à 15:47

    They never contacted me to re turn credit

  • BJF le 30/01/2020 à 21:48

    I ordered an Electric 8" Branch Scissor with 2 batteries and was sent a $10 manual pruning shear.

  • OkdCroc le 31/01/2020 à 17:25

    I Ordered the so-called self focus german spectacles and received a normal reading spectacle. I can't even read with that.

  • Kevin le 31/01/2020 à 22:04

    Ordered the pruning shears and I am still waiting after 3 weeks.

  • Jennifer le 02/02/2020 à 15:52

    I ordered a hair dryer/straightener....more than 3 weeks ago. Nothing.

  • Paul le 03/02/2020 à 08:51

    I ordered a heated jacket on 17th November it arrived but with no battery or charger so is completely useless can't seem to get any sense out of anyone in how to get my money back

  • Styles le 03/02/2020 à 21:13


  • AJ le 04/02/2020 à 14:20

    I ordered the progressive glasses a pack of two. They were +3.50 suitable for 65 years of ageband rubbish just your normal +3.50 a real scam. Address to return is from China . I agree with others why do Facebook allow this advert without doing a check first.

  • Luz le 04/02/2020 à 16:12

    Ordené unos lentes multifocales a través de Paypal y nunca llegaron. Luego compraron paquetes turísticos con mi tarjeta

  • smurfd le 05/02/2020 à 22:24

    I agree with others about the so called smart glasses all German made! if so then why do the post from China not much better that the pound shop ones.

  • Nod le 06/02/2020 à 02:44

    The pruning scissors sent are just cheap junk and not the electronic branch scissors I ordered

  • Joe le 07/02/2020 à 06:09

    Scam. Sent non electric cheap junk pruning shears.

  • Pauletta le 07/02/2020 à 19:10

    I order 2 Smart Lawrence robots from this place, I received 2 robots the first part of Jan but they were nothing like what I ordered, very inferior---they never offered to send correct item they did offer a $15 compensation--wow. They are fraudulently advertising and the worst EVER to try to deal with.

  • Bobby le 09/02/2020 à 17:00

    Ordered electric pruning shears on Jan 22 2019 been 4 weeks and nothing ?

  • Dee le 10/02/2020 à 02:23

    I also order a iPhone 11 phone case, haven’t seen it yet. PayPal keeps giving me the run around, do not use them.

  • Treasure le 10/02/2020 à 21:26

    I ordered panties. Never received my order.

  • Edward Duffy le 11/02/2020 à 00:51

    Just have got my so called German atuo focusing glasses and what a RIP Off just normal reading glasses. DO NOT Order it a scam

  • Christian le 12/02/2020 à 11:56

    Je viens d’être arnaquer via papal pour l’achat d’un sécateur électrique et reçu un sécateur à 3 euros made in china lequel selon papal que je dois le renvoyer pour être rembourser coût de l’envoie 20 euros

  • Michael le 12/02/2020 à 17:04

    I have been trying for weeks to sort my complaint out with online crap technology ltd , they don’t get back and PayPal has sided with them in the scam. And said I have had them delivered I also ordered the electric scissors and got a crap pair of cheap cutters, please please do not buy from them, and am very very disappointed with paypal, they have no interest, -lease also give PayPal a doing all you that have been scammed

  • Michael12 le 13/02/2020 à 05:53

    Bought a leather restoration cream for $25 USD for my car. Advertised on instagram, received a little bit of cream which is not working at all. BIG SCAM.

  • Yonela Raraza le 13/02/2020 à 13:44

    I ordered iPhone 11 Pro Max case on 12/03/2019, contacted PayPal and I was given a tracking number, my case has been in China Since December have not received anything and PayPal is not doing anything about it. What a shame!!

  • DaveWS le 13/02/2020 à 23:31

    I also ordered the battery operated clipper for my wife, who has severe arthritis in her hands. I received a manual clipper that cost about $4 at Home Depot.

  • Ismael le 14/02/2020 à 04:19

    Si pues también compre unos lentes para leer a través de PayPal es la única prueba que tengo no e recibido nada tendré que intentar hacer un reclamo directamente con PayPal otro más aunque ya se sabe que no hacen nada o muy poco vamos a ver?

  • jrbruce46 le 14/02/2020 à 16:30

    I ordered an Electric 8" Branch Scissor with 2 batteries and was sent a $10 manual pruning shear. to get refund have to ship back to china on your dime cost is more than the trouble to do it.

  • Carla le 14/02/2020 à 23:39

    I ordered some underwear from them several weeks ago and have not received my product. They had an ad on FB, so I placed an order. Had I known this was a foreign company, I never would have ordered. So, I not done with this.

  • Debbie le 16/02/2020 à 05:52

    I also ordered the hair dryer/straightener and haven’t heard a thing! Only thing I have to show for it is a deduction from my bank account!
    i even paid for expedited shipping!

  • frank le 17/02/2020 à 22:22

    I bought the electric shears and received a cheap pair of hand shears

  • lakedweller le 18/02/2020 à 00:21

    I ordered the heated jacket Nov 19, didnt arrive after 6 weeks, so filed a dispute with Paypal. the "resolution" was to have been done in 30 days, kept getting delayed. Item finally arrived after 3 months but does not work. Can't get a shipping label to return the item.
    If not a scam, then certainly very poor business practices on the part of both companies

  • unhappy customer le 18/02/2020 à 17:35

    The only reason I'm not listing this as a definite scam is because I have been unable to contact the physical evidence. The company is too slick for that! I too, suspect this company is a scam or at best is fraudulent advertising. I saw their 6"steel drum on Facebook and truly believed that I was getting the buy 2 get one at a discount and free shipping. I ordered it on 10/29/19 through PayPal so thought I was safe. When I realized I hadn't received them I contacted them on 12/27/19. They then told me "my order" was on it's way. When I only received one at the end of January, I expected another to come. when it didn't, I contacted them and they claim I only ordered one. It is written "(buy 2 get one for $26 off and free shipping)1". PayPal... Lire la suite

  • Howard le 18/02/2020 à 20:28

    Same here, ordered a set of battery clippers so i thought and received a pair that was manual and probably cost $2.

  • ceejay le 18/02/2020 à 21:16

    Ordered the rinse free cleaner. Pretty sure I got a tiny bottle of water. The heated warming vest was FINALLY sent after threat of action from Paypal, but it was a scam too. No charger and all the heating elements are shoved up in the left shoulder...not the whole vest. TOTAL SCAM!!!!

  • Michelle le 19/02/2020 à 01:57

    I ordered Lace Panties that I seen on Face Book. Used my Pay Pal account, never received my order. No help from Pay Pal.

  • Debbie le 19/02/2020 à 02:16

    Further to my comment on 2/16, I went through Pay Pal 24 hour service and they forwarded my email to the company.

    The reply I received was:
    The recipients mailbox is full and cannot continue to receive mail.

    It is really a scam now!


  • JORGE ALEJANDRO le 19/02/2020 à 03:29


  • Michael omiros le 19/02/2020 à 11:33

    I did order an electric scissor they sent me a cheap manual scissor
    PayPal told me to return the goods back to them and they will refund me the money the cost to return the goods back to the sender is more what is the price for the scissor

  • Debbie le 20/02/2020 à 01:04

    I ended up going to my bank and opened a fraud claim.

  • Vern le 20/02/2020 à 06:38

    I ordered a phone case with AirPods paid through pay pal and never received my item it’s a scam never buy anything from this company I’m fighting now and investigating to get my money back

  • shelly le 21/02/2020 à 17:38

    I got scammed too place a order for a heated vest back in early Nov. and just got it on Feb.15 2020 and it doesn't even work they won't contact me back

  • Bea le 22/02/2020 à 18:55

    Crap I wish I would have seen all your comment before I ordered 2020 NEW | German Smart Reading Glasses, I ordered on 1/19/20 all they kept telling me is it's on the way and I could track it on the slowest boat from china well now the tracking info goes to a site called Shopify and can't track it anymore I also paid through Paypal, I guess i'll see if they will do anything about it but we all know that answer

  • Idlemoor le 22/02/2020 à 19:33


  • Pat le 25/02/2020 à 19:21

    Ordered rinse free foaming cleaner. Got two tiny bottles of what looked initially like water. Tried to clean a sticky dish in my stainless sink, RUINED my stainless steel sink, so it's not just water! No instructions and website given, of course doesn't exist. Trying to determine whats in the liquid. From China, so could be anything!

  • Francis le 25/02/2020 à 21:39

    Ordered the German glasses, entered a dispute with PayPal as not arrived in 2 months, arrived after another month and PayPal found for the seller. I am now unable to open a new dispute for Significantly not as described but not able. Paypal is assisting in this scam.

  • Mel le 26/02/2020 à 19:57

    Yes, it's a scam. Ordered items Nov for christmas, never recieved until multiple emails and disputes with paypal. Some random box arrived in FEBRUARY with obviously incorrect product because the box is much to small for the product (10" steel drum plus accessories and books etc, but a box about 8" x 6" arrived...from WUHAN CORONAVIruS CENtrAL). Paypal keptpushing the resolution time back by several months when I asked for cancellation and refund as product was not even shipped. Now I'm stuck with paying shipping back which costs much more for consumers vs business. Also, no shipments to china via DHL, FEDEX or UPS due to coronavirus so it's not like I could send it back anyways! Paypal is endorsing this crap.

  • JAN le 27/02/2020 à 06:23

    Yes I ordered panties and have received nothing and no satisfaction from paypal

  • SL le 28/02/2020 à 19:20

    I ordered a Electric cordless pruning branch scissors and I get a cheap manual scissors.
    Complain and I must send the cheap scissor back and will get a refund.
    Shipping to China cost around $30 and I don't believe I will get the refund. Don't buy from this site is a Scam

  • stef le 02/03/2020 à 19:35

    l ordered a pair of glasses in November still not arrived

  • Brian le 03/03/2020 à 02:38

    Same as a lot of other people, i ordered and paid via paypal for a electric pruner with two batteries and instead got a pair of cheep shit $5 secatuers.

  • Robert le 03/03/2020 à 07:12

    I also ordered and paid via paypal for a electric pruner with two batteries and instead got a pair of cheep shitty secatuers
    I was offered from paypal to return and get my money back, but the return shipping cost is more than I originally paid

  • Wall-E le 06/03/2020 à 01:02

    same hereI did order an electric scissor they sent me a cheap manual scissor
    PayPal told me to return the goods back to them and they will refund me the money the cost to return the goods back to the sender is more what is the price for the scissor
    Complaine to Paypal with a link to this page over the phone they did ask me for the info,
    now have to wait 10 day to see

  • Bill le 06/03/2020 à 15:07

    I also ordered and paid via paypal for Two electric pruner with two batteries each and instead got a pair of cheep shitty shears.
    I was offered from paypal to return and get my money back, Why should I pay for shipping if they made the mistake.

  • Courtney le 06/03/2020 à 20:17

    I'm yet another person that ordered the volumizer heat brush with nothing to show for it and a bank account deduction. I feel like a fool, but I'm really pissed!

  • Lana le 07/03/2020 à 03:32

    I ordered polygel nail kit. Wasn't hearing anything about it for a couple months. Paypal sent a message to the seller and they replied right away that it was sent. Finally got it today. It's shit. Not like what I ordered. No instructions. Ugh!

  • Barcelona le 08/03/2020 à 20:07

    Fraude Total
    Compre una funda de Iphone y nunca ha llegado
    Que espera para actuar Pay pal

  • PayPal scam le 11/03/2020 à 04:36

    Why is PayPal agreeing with these scammers. I got taken for $121.98 and they said the transaction was legit. I think PayPal has to be held accountable and start paying us consumers back for all of the fraudulent activities that are going on. Very disappointed with PayPal. I'm gonna close my account.

  • Fred le 12/03/2020 à 23:06

    I ordered the Electric cordless pruning branch scissors and I got a cheap manual pare of scissors.that you could get at the dollar store. PayPal sided with them and told me to send the cheap scissor back and will get a refund.
    Shipping to China cost around $30. It sucks that PayPal would side with the scammer's.

  • Terry le 13/03/2020 à 05:57

    I ordered the cordless pruning branch scissors and paid $71.11 and received a pair of

    cheap scissors you can buy anywhere in Australia for 5 or so dollars.I also received an email from paypal suggesting I return the item for a refund. Total scam. to restore confidence I would suggest honour the product by sending the item that was paid for.

  • Charles le 20/03/2020 à 23:31

    Same thing happened to me with the electric (battery powered) pruning shears. Paypal says the seller agrees refund of $48.98 but I must send back the pair of manual pruning shears. Package/Mail Store says it will cost $100 to $150 to ship them to the address in China. WHAT A SCAM!!! Shame on you, PayPal! :-(

  • Zelva le 23/03/2020 à 16:49

    I ordered sink and drain powder on Feb 16th. Haven't seen the item or shipping info. Why would a company knowingly allow someone to be taken advantage of like this???

  • Feralcat le 24/03/2020 à 20:09

    I don't know about a scam but I ordered the drain cleaner also and I got it this week. The only problem is the directions are in Chinesse!

  • the coach le 25/04/2020 à 03:05

    Ordered 2 of the electric pruners advertised and received two pair of cheap manual ones. They were sent from a warehouse address in Sydney. Same story as others who have left a comment! These pruners have been on a number of Facebook posts from supposedly different vendors. I have left a post on these warning others.They all appear to have now stopped advertising these on Facebook.

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