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Contenu de l'arnaqueLast month, I was swindled by a person named Cindy whom I got to know through chatting. The swindlers said they were Singaporeans, and although they were young women, they boasted that they were very successful. I deleted the line chat because I didn't have much interest and empathy, but again, Cindy continued to approach the line chat. I have been constantly urging you to buy an unlisted TUC coin in the background of your success, breaking your guard with such a long chat. And knowing that I've been helping children for a long time, he promised me to spend 30 percent of my income on the TUC coin and explained in detail how to buy TUC. And cindy, a swindler, introduced a TUC professional aide as a line. Line ID: It was a professional fraud day every week when this VIP_lele director informed us that TUC trends and huge profits were made every week.So I sent a total of 269.34757907 ETHs (about 55,000 dollars, about 66.5 million won) from the Coin Exchange in Korea to several times.I signed up for, which the swindlers told me about.Of course, I didn't suspect that the site itself was fake when I saw TUC coins in my account (I sent 4.99 ETHs, 2020.04.26 ETHs 25.12354849 and an additional ETH 25.11354849 on the same day.2020.04.29 ETH 41.18442979 and an additional ETH 57.63988756 on the same day 2020.05.04 ETH 40.802269. 2020.05.06 ETH 30.96994019 sent and the last 2020.05.08 ETH43.52396455 sent.) However, on May 8, 2020, the site address was changed from to And that's why I got suspicious, and I've searched a lot on Google and found out that I've been cheated. If you look here, a lot of people are being TUC scammed, and a lot of people have reported it to a fraud site. I reported all the details to the cyber investigation team. I'm confused by the great sense of loss. I'm very worried if I can find my damage. I sincerely hope that you will stop the second victim from such malicious fraud and help me.

If you look at the person who created this site, you'll find the culprit. Also, YouTube videos related to TUC were sent by con artists. This is the place. https://youtuBe/1Hmb6asl_c Find the man who made it and get close to him.

I want you to curse all the dirty and vicious scammers and their families.

I'm uploading a picture of the swindler.
Commentaire / ExplicationsA very vicious swindler, I'm putting a huge curse on a swindler. Something terrible will happen to both the swindler and his family.
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