Site internet frauduleux :


Pseudonyme utiliséAlison
Url / Site internet
Contenu de l'arnaqueFausse plate forme de trading "StarCoin"
Commentaire / ExplicationsJ'ai placé 1000 euros sur cette plate forme de trading suite aux conseils d'une dame rencontrée sur le site "Tinder". Je ne peux plus retirer ces 1000 euros sauf si je paye une soi-disant taxe.
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Pour en Savoir +Se faire rembourser en cas d'arnaque, c'est possible avec le Chargeback !
Guide : 5 Conseils pour acheter sur un site marchand sans se faire arnaquer
Comment se prémunir des arnaques financières ?
Comment détecter les sites internet frauduleux ?
Que faire en cas d'Arnaque ? Il n'est peut-être pas trop tard...
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31 commentaires

  • Marsouin3 le 26/07/2020 à 16:16

    Voir l'explication au dessus

  • Riccardo le 03/08/2020 à 14:03

    Non vi fanno più riprendere i soldi chiedendone altri per scongelare l'account. Truffa 100% bisogna denunciarli

  • Michel le 04/08/2020 à 07:32

    This is a scamm site!!! I loosed 15.000 eur here, in NLEC investeddd!!! Everything was a scamm,we have to recover our money but i think is imposibille

  • Mikel le 04/08/2020 à 11:08

    Contact me in whatssap,,,.we are 3 person with same problem 0033605656623

  • Sam le 11/08/2020 à 19:02

    I just lost a few thousand euros today as it looks. my account has been blocked

  • Sam le 11/08/2020 à 19:04

    A lady from Tinder brought me in. First to buy via Coinbase ETH and then send it to Starcoin in order to then buy NLEC

  • S. le 12/08/2020 à 18:12

    Hey Sam, what was the name of the Person from Tinder? Maybe we got the same problem.

  • Gouda le 12/08/2020 à 18:46

    I have the same Problem. Also Tinder, her Name is Amy

  • Sam le 14/08/2020 à 11:34

    She told me her name is Lily Li...

  • Cyril le 16/08/2020 à 03:39

    I have the same Problem. Also Tinder, her Name is JOAN i trust her for nearly 2 months i send her pics from me and my familly she did the seam i invest more than 20000 euros in starcoin NLEC she say to me i will invest 3 bitcoin for your birstday and later she againt invest in my account 10 bitcoin but at list impossible to get tis money from my account and transfer to my banck shr say i will come to visit you and few days before she come impossible to contact her in whatsapp her pic diseapear (so im french sorry for the faults in english)

  • Mikel le 16/08/2020 à 16:04

    Is a scamm everything!! I create a whatsap group,we are 14 pers with more 200.000eur loosed!!! Togheter we can find this fk scammer!!!! Who is in this situation contact me!!! And dont forget!!!! Just the police can help us,nobody can recover our money!!!! So dont pay anything for this ...

  • cyril le 18/08/2020 à 21:04

    hello I just had my bank at first saw there is a site which brings together people who have been scammed on cryptocurrencies and they are studying the possibility of legal action but there must be 100 people at least here is the link
    if you have another way do not hesitate to put it online to attack the starcoin site to recover our money

  • Yann le 19/08/2020 à 12:30

    Bonjour, je suis aussi victime de cette escroquerie. Avez-vous porter plainte? Pensez-vous que ça va aboutir? Cordialement

  • Cyril. le 19/08/2020 à 13:04

    je suis aller déposer une plainte au commissariat mais ma plainte n'est pas recevable tant que les actions sont toujours sur le site et comme les ventes sont bloquées ben s'est l'arnaque

  • Cyril. le 19/08/2020 à 13:29

    I look at several sites to find out if there are procedures to find the money cheated by starcoin I came across a site which is for the moment free which offers to help you since it is free I try after if it becomes paying it will be necessary to see if the refund can be made on the recovered money or not to see below the link
    if you are in the same case do not hesitate to give a procedure to recover the money

  • greg le 22/08/2020 à 08:28

    same problem 1500 euros lost in NLEC ..and now website is closed

  • greg le 22/08/2020 à 08:29

    pareil 1500€ de perdus en ce matin le site ne répond plus

  • Jonathan le 22/08/2020 à 17:27

    I have the same problem, is there any way to recover our investments? Almost 20,000 USD lost in the scam. I even paid the "taxes" these chinese girl from Tinder was asking for.

  • Yann le 22/08/2020 à 18:43

    Nous sommes tous dans la même situation. Quelle procédure pouvons nous suivre pour arrêter ces bandits ? Nous ne pouvons pas laisser passer cette arnaque. Merci de partager vos idées s’il vous plaît.

  • Zyaad le 23/08/2020 à 01:08

    I am in the same situation, please let me know if you find a way to get these crooks arrested or a way to recuperate our money..

  • Pepe le 23/08/2020 à 21:28

    Hi, I'm Spanish and I'm in the same situation. I got ripped off for 10,000 euros. Yesterday morning I went to the police and filed a complaint. The first thing you have to do is file a complaint, because they have private information about you, especially your ID or passport, which can be used to impersonate you or for other misuse on the internet. I'm looking for a place or platform where we can join and report internationally. As soon as I have more information I'll tell you, but the first thing is that you put the report, try to make Tinder screenshots of the profiles, save the IDs, all information that you can store. I didn't download the website, but if I have the digital certificate of the site, I will analyze it to see if I can... Lire la suite

  • Pepe le 23/08/2020 à 22:15

    Hi, I remember the website had a mobile app, did anyone download it by chance? If you have it, is there any way you can send it to me for analysis?

  • Fabio le 24/08/2020 à 08:45

    Idem que vous tous ! 5 000 € de perdu par la même arnaque que vous....
    Peux t'on mener une action commune ? ou ca ne sert à rien ?

    Same than all of you ! I loose 5 000 € with the same scam... Can we do a common action ? There is no point in doing it ?

  • Michael le 24/08/2020 à 21:44

    Pepe,enjoy with us in our whatsap group!!! We are 16 persson! You have my number up

  • ALEN068 le 24/08/2020 à 22:02

    Pepe, come in our grup.
    On site Forex i cant leave any link, phone or email.

    Add Michaels number

  • Alen068 le 24/08/2020 à 23:10

    Pepe, you can download starcoin apk from here
    If you need anything else just ask

  • Cyril. le 25/08/2020 à 10:22

    for me the declaration is made to the police forwarded information to the bank for a cashback I put a link above for a group appeal I was contacted by a site for a procedure with a lawyer but they Obviously ask for money to put the procedure in place is a collective action and there must be 100 people at least on my side I have all the conversations and their modus operandi in buying and selling since the opening of a binance account to transfer to sivanko (starcoin) the photos on a usb key of the mode of purchase and sale on sivanko (starcoin) with more than 512 kb including photos of the contact met on Tinder but is this the right person I had 2 or 3 face time it seemed to be the same person but hey, no certainty that it is the right name... Lire la suite

  • Michael le 25/08/2020 à 10:43

    Cyril enjoy with us,we are 16 persson in our whatsap group

    • Cyril.le 26/08/2020 à 12:45


  • Riky le 25/08/2020 à 12:44

    Hola Pepe: estas chicas chinas siguen en Tinder. Yo también perdí dinero y me uní a un grupo WA de gente con en común la misma estafa, entre ellos también hay varios que han comentado aquí, a ver si te animas.
    Un saludo

  • Michail le 27/08/2020 à 23:39

    Cyrili,you have my number up!

  • Aaron le 06/09/2020 à 23:07

    Sono stato truffato anche io ho perso circa20000 ragazza si faceva chiamare Leah...mi ha rovinato quella puttana



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