Arnaque site annonce : 0812880290 Evans Magalefa


Pseudonyme utiliséEvans Magalefa
Url / Site
Téléphone0 812 88 02 90 (+ d'infos)
Contenu de l'arnaqueI posted an ad on gumtree to sell my laptop for R9000. He called me and asked me to buy it. I agreed and sent him my banking details. He sent the proof of payment and his ID document. He then agreed to send an Uber to pick it up. He got the Uber and picked up the laptop. He then reversed the amount and claimed it was because his bank account is frozen. He told me all this at 6pm in the evening and said he was sending a courier to drop it off. The “courier driver” called me and insisted I send him R1200 or he would not drop the laptop. I refused and said he needs to get the money from Evans. That’s when we realised it was a scam. They are all working together. Please beware of these men! They are bold and have done this many times before.
Commentaire / ExplicationsI just want people to be aware so the same thing does not happen to them again.
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Analyse du numéro de téléphone 0 812 88 02 90

Type de numéroNuméro surtaxé
Formats usuels
  • 0812880290
  • 0 812 88 02 90
  • 0.812.88.02.90
  • 0-812-88-02-90
Format international
  • +33 812 88 02 90

7 commentaires

  • Lolita le 09/08/2020 à 10:48

    I forgot to add. The courier mans number is 0721805666

  • Cia le 13/08/2020 à 13:54

    Thank you so much for this! I was about to sell two laptops for R11 000. He promised to pay me R1000 more for the goods as I had a counter offer from someone else. He wanted it for his kids at Wits and they need to “study online” and it would help them so much. Got very defensive when I started asking about payment and insisted on Instant Wallet through his Nedbank account. Confirmed with bank, there is a limit on this transfer - would have never been able to transfer the full amount.
    Thank you for the warning - 3rd one I’ve seen on this man! So horrible.

  • Cia le 13/08/2020 à 13:57

    New number he is using: 067 798 7653 it is a business account on WhatsApp named GMV Distributions (Pty) Ltd

  • Loskop le 23/08/2020 à 15:39

    Same thing happened to me don’t trust this guy

  • Raquel le 02/09/2020 à 21:53

    I was just scammed by this guy and his team. I did however take pics of the vehicle of the courier that collected

  • Courtz le 15/09/2020 à 09:32

    I was almsot scammed by this guy, got his ID and Edgars account (guessing for proof of residence). I wanted to sell a ps4, he said he would pay R1000 extra because someone offered 3500 before him and that it was for his daughters birthday... today. I gave him my account details and address. He said payment would reflect in 24 hours I said unfortunately it needs to be immediate and he started getting defensive. I took the payment sms to Nedbank and they couldnt verify the reference. He started threatening me with lawyers etc and said his courier will be waiting for me. I told him thats fine I would be bringing the cops with me. New number 0812182111, also GMV Distributions on Whatsapp

  • James le 24/09/2020 à 17:18

    I almost got scammed by this pathetic man. I managed to track his IP so if anyone is interested in finding him here it is:



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