Arnaque réseaux sociaux : +447594402867 He ling


Pseudonyme utiliséHe ling
Url / Site
Téléphone+44 7594 402867 (ou 00447594402867) (+ d'infos)
Contenu de l'arnaqueFake ICO ( initial offering coin) crytpo called TBIC
Commentaire / ExplicationsFirstly Got lured from tinder by this person who wanted us to talk on another application like whatsapp, they firstly build a fake relationship with you to win your trust and then start to talk about their hobbies like how they make money by investing in crytpo, gold . Showing you fake screen of big profit, selfies with luxury car and shopping expensive things..
When you start to get interested and from the advise of her uncle or dad who are supposed to be professional traders, she will offer for free to teach you how to make money.
She will tell you that there is a big opportunity right now to make money into a new crypto bound to skyrocket in less than 2 months and make your investment to x20 profit or more.
The crytpo is TBIC on a fake website and
You will have first to buy crypto like usdt, btc or eth on a real website like binance and then transfer your crypto into the fake website which when your money is transferred into TBIC will be locked and you will not be able to withdraw it at all.
The lady also offer you to invest with you 10k or 25k if you invest it first.
After a lot of research about the website it appears that everything is fake from the white paper which the team member ms are just fake and their pictures stolen from Google to script into the source data that show every inflation number from the TBIC is a script who add randomly some value every x secondes.
They also claim to be partner with binance which I mailed then and answered not and to stay away from this website.
The website will soon do an exit scam so don't fall for greedily as others already did.
Immediately block Asian pretty looking who claim to do real estate, crypto, gold, coin.
They use a VPN to lure innocent foreigners from tinder and take a commissions on the % their victims invest, the rest directly go to their boss.

This is a well set scam and it occurs more and more as crytpo are getting more popular.
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