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Contenu de l'arnaqueGirl meet on tinder, she proposed me to invest in TOZOC, a new currency which is supposed to be released the 25 of december.
It's look like to crypto platform, you have to inter a subscription cod to invest in TOZOC.
Now it's not possible to withdraw, they request me 30% additional to allow me to withdraw.
Commentaire / ExplicationsActually my invest is freeze, but having a look on TOZOC team project, no one is existing in google or linkedin. It's the same process as SGTXN with TBIC.
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27 commentaires

  • Martin le 22/10/2020 à 11:02

    Anymore info regarding this Tozoc?
    I have experienced the same.

    Up until I see this scam alert, I could find no fault with it other than, if its too good to be true it usually is.. And I found the unique financial institution code could be the only iffy thing.. When it comes to cashing in.

    You have to sell the TOZOC in the uroccassion / silvercoin platform

    buy bitcoin and transfer that via blockchain back into the Binance platform, whereby you're able to sell that BTC at the market price and cash it into your account via bank or PayPal.

    I have performed this once a while ago to confirm it is possible, and managed to get the value of 34 tozoc back into my account, so it has seemed legit up until I saw this scam alert.

    This evening to be sure I will try and withdraw the amount I have invested and see whether it is possible and what youre saying about an extra 30%, whether this happens to me aswell... I really hope not as this seemed legit. Other than the fact I met this girl on tinder of all places, but we have since been chatting to eachother every day, and she has even added money into my account to boost my investment?!... Lire la suite

  • Mark le 23/10/2020 à 12:51

    I have tested selling tozoc and withdrawing bitcoin and Eth from the silvercoin exchange more than once and found no problem with it.

    • Walter17le 23/10/2020 à 17:00

      Have you tried to send BTC or ETH from this platform to another?

  • Walter17 le 23/10/2020 à 16:52

    It's happening the same this to me... They ask me 20% of taxes to withdraw... She say to wait until it will open on the public market.
    But we are 4 in the same situation, is not a coincidence, no more

  • Nicofrench31 le 23/10/2020 à 23:38

    Really at the beginning in July, I sell few tozoc and then transfert to binance after usdt convertion. At this time it was working but every withdrawn is pending the validation of tozoc team. They have validated this small withdraw but I think it was just to make me in confiance and then I invested more.
    Now when I sell tozoc and try to withdraw, they cancel my order and said me it’s frozen until public opening. I’m pretty sure that after public opening, urrocasion website will gone... like it was done with TBIC. Please have a look on white paper from tozoc project. The CEO or any member of TOZOC team does not exist in LinkedIn or google ! SCAM

  • Christopher le 24/10/2020 à 14:17

    I am in the same situation :( I have raised a police report on (

    I also sent a mail to Hong Kong tax department, they do not accept crypto as payment for tax.

    I tested by selling and removing bitcoin and all seemed ok.

    • Walter17le 24/10/2020 à 15:57

      I have made a police report, thanks for the suggestion... I hope they can do something

  • Christopher le 25/10/2020 à 04:33

    I threatened them, told them I have connected friends and that the phone number talking to me thankfully did it enough to be traced and I had enough evidence to link it to the website which was also being traced.

    Now I cant log in, hopefully scared them enough that other wont fall into the same trap.

    Also hopefully the police can do something about it, although I was told if you transferred bitcoin it cant be reversed, this is the dangers of crypto as we live in an evil world, if payment was done by bank or credit card it can be reversed

    • Nicofrench31le 25/10/2020 à 22:47

      Dear Christopher,
      If I well understand, you threatened Tozoc team by mail and they refund your money back ?

  • Nahum le 25/10/2020 à 23:55

    its scamming website they block my account and i have 1300 dollars

  • Christopher le 26/10/2020 à 04:06

    No they did not, they blocked my account, I have raised a case through the link
    If we all do this then at least get them shut down.

    • Martijn123le 27/10/2020 à 12:46

      Christopher, was your account blocked after several attempts to withdraw?
      If so this may be the case and your account has been frozen..

    • Martijn123le 27/10/2020 à 12:47

      Or was it directly after you threatened your tinder friend?

  • Walter17 le 26/10/2020 à 09:47

    I have talk to a famous studio in Italy that works with internet spam ( )...they say that we need to acquire the website for a possible court case... anyone is interested to do this together?

  • Christopher le 26/10/2020 à 15:31

    Yes Walter, how can we do this?

  • Martin le 27/10/2020 à 09:19

    Good morning,
    This doesn't look too good.
    I am still in good connection with the girl I met on Tinder... Her supposed name is Lina and it has seemed ok so far in conversation, however, I have stupidly not spoken with her /them on video call, and she seems to try and avoid it.
    I think the fact we are all in the same boat here and those of you who have complained have been blocked, that it's sure to say at this stage we have all been scammed.

    Pity, the supposed trend of Tozoc is up by 16% today...

    I will keep the apparent connection with this girl going further to see how it plays out, whilst perhaps we can get to the bottom of it if we all file a complaint with the Hong Kong police.

    Sorry folks, not a nice experience, but kinda sums up the rest of what's been mostly a shit year!... Lire la suite

  • Martin le 27/10/2020 à 10:46

    I am talking to the online support of silvercoin platform, trying to pry more information out of them , as same as you, when I tried withdrawing recently, it was blocked, saying there is a 20% tax fee to pay. They seem to be legit, and I have done a website scan on them and it seems to have been around for sometime, and is run by Alibaba Technology USA, which interestingly enough, confirms everything that this girl Lina has been telling me up until now.
    She claims to be a financial manager for CCIC, a big investment firm in Hong Kong.
    Anyway, I am still in contact with this person in Hong Kong, and I hate to say it, but she actually sounds very sweet.
    However, We are meant to video call for the 1st time tonight (she has found excuses not too on every occasion I've tried until now..)... Lire la suite

  • Martijn123 le 27/10/2020 à 12:45

    I've been talking to the silvercoin online support, who have actually been very helpful in answering every question I've asked. They actually seem to be a legit website.

    When I mentioned to them I am suspicious that we may be involved in a scam, and that people I have spoken with have had their accounts blocked , they have said it is likely that they/you have made too many attempts to transfer BTC, resulting in your accounts being frozen. Anybody out for you guys managed to get back into silvercoin once your accounts were blocked?

    I'm trying to find out if there are any ways in which it is possible we will be scammed out of our money after 25th December...

  • Christopher le 27/10/2020 à 14:23

    I filed a complaint to the police this was the reply

    Dear sir,

    I write to thank you for your report of “Suspected hacking” received by us on 22nd October 2020.

    Grateful if you could provide additional information to us as below:


    Did you report the incident to your local law enforcement agency ?
    (If No, the Hong Kong Police advised that you should report to your local police force as soon as possible)

    According to the information you have provided, you are staying in United Arab Emirates, all of the transactions taken place outside Hong Kong and the website in question is hosted in U.S. The Hong Kong Police has not been authorized to conduct investigation outside our jurisdiction. However, we would render assistance upon request from overseas law enforcement agency.... Lire la suite

    • Martijn123le 27/10/2020 à 16:04

      Will you be enforcing your local police Christopher?

    • Nicofrench31le 27/10/2020 à 19:59

      Hi Christopher,
      I received same email from HK police.
      does it means we have to contact US police ?
      regarding my contact, as she now that I suspect a scam, she is not so nice as before !
      She said me if I want to withdraw my wallet, I have to charge additional 2 ETH, which is correspond more or less to 20%. I asked her if she worked for Tozoc platform and she answered me that she is a department manager and contact her only when the 2 ETH will be transfert to tozoc platform. Of course I didn’t pay, I lost enough money and she didn’t give me any guarantee that My asset will be transfert to my binance account

  • Christopher le 27/10/2020 à 14:29

    When I try and log in it says ' wrong account or password'

  • Martijn123 le 27/10/2020 à 16:01

    ok that sounds highly suspicious... So one minute you are able to access your account as usual, then you threatened the person on WhatsApp, and the next minute your account is blocked?
    Then it must be the whole website that is involved with this scam...

  • Martijn123 le 27/10/2020 à 16:44

    Everything has started going haywire whilst I'm logged in on silvercoin... Suddenly all my assets are gone, wiped clean.

    Security details vanished... No security info binded anymore and I'm not even able to log out... Currently waiting for the online customer support to tell me another lie!

    • Nicofrench31le 27/10/2020 à 20:06

      I’m currently talking to online support also

  • Nicofrench31 le 27/10/2020 à 20:20

    See hereafter the online support answers:

    Hello, after checking, it is detected that you are a user of TOZOC using the code of a financial institution. TOZOC has entered the final stage of internal purchase. After the internal subscription is completed, you can withdraw money after the official listing (December 25). Please do not operate you at will Withdrawal from your account, this series of operations will affect the normal listing progress of the entire market and financial companies.

    even if my asset is not yet wiped clean like yours, it will be the case after 25 December

    • ICrysysIle 27/10/2020 à 22:45

      Are you working with Tozoc? Wtf are you saying? they block my account like more people and i can check nothing about my account, and i have dennouncment to Hong Kong, FBI, gov.fraud. My lawyer tell me this people is working on virgin islands, so don't talk about nothing you know, The partners do not exist, they have used identity theft in the case of the CEO of Tozoc with a Director of AllianzGI.
      Read the charges
      - Scam.
      -Identity fraud.
      -.Fraud of partners.
      -Crypto fraud.
      -Fraud of the institutional code.
      -Damages and prejudices.
      -Doesnt have legal privacy.

  • Oliver le 27/10/2020 à 21:33

    Who want to make a WhatsApp group to read about it? Just write me.

    Best Regards

    • Martijn123le 28/10/2020 à 11:36

      Good idea Oliver, I'll join

  • ICrysysI le 27/10/2020 à 22:49

    If you want to stop this, just report on this website, im tech of informatic, and i discover the exactly host is covering this scam website go to:

    And they dont want to stop this, so them can be dennouncement too, for hosting scammer website.

  • Christopher le 28/10/2020 à 04:21

    I have reported on the link above ICrysysl.

    Lets see.

    Martijn / Nico French, I believe it does mean we have to report and e criime in the US I will look into it now, there has to be a way to get to these guys.

    I also asked binance who i transfered the BTC from to silver coin and they replied with this;

    Dear user,

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Your transaction has been confirmed in the blockchain already, which means that Binance has successfully completed the transaction and we are no longer able to control the transaction.
    Given your situation, we suggest that you can report your issue to the local law enforcement for further assistance.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Binance Support Team

    They new exactly what they were at, looking back It is so easy to suspect something, lesson learned, if it seems too good, it probably is. Any way lets fight this, crypo is supposed to be better than banks so there has to be a way to fight it like the bank would for you.... Lire la suite

    • Martijn123le 28/10/2020 à 10:18

      Nicely done Christopher,
      I'll be doing the same and log a fraud report with all the above mentioned authorities and hopefully we can get them!
      I'm still able to login to my account and will see if I can pry any further information out of the online customer service at all. I was trying to ask them for an email address and phone number for their company, but they didn't want to oblige, saying I could get all the help l needed online with them...
      Crazy... As ya say, looking back it was all too obvious haha. Another one of life's lessons learnt and pretty much the cherry on top of 2020!

  • Christopher le 28/10/2020 à 04:58

    I have no raised a case with the UK and US fraud departments

  • Oliver le 28/10/2020 à 16:32

  • ICrysysI le 28/10/2020 à 18:44

    ok i gonna let for all of you links for can report this case:
    Don't need to talk with Binance, i talk with them and they gonna block if appears.

    Well, i have notice about police of Hong Kong:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your reply and please see the attached.
    Please refer to the column 'ASN'.
    Our record check.
    According to our record, the IP is hosted in U.S., and the registrant is in China.
    As we stated, the Hong Kong Police would render assistance upon request of overseas law enforcement agency under current Mutual Legal Assistance mechanism.
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau Lire la suite

    • Martijn123le 29/10/2020 à 14:25

      Nice work

  • Oliver le 28/10/2020 à 19:58

    WhatsApp group

  • ICrysysI le 29/10/2020 à 08:07

    Join whatsapp of Oliver for trading info.

  • Max le 17/11/2020 à 10:09

    I got scammed too. A girl "Angela" (+852 5320 4753) from Tinder got me into investing in TOZOC which turned out to be a scam. The girl disappeared when I asked how to withdraw, and the USDT withdrawal was "fozen" and then "failed".

    I am going to report this whole scam to appropriate authorities.



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