Arnaque au don : Martin vaudieux


Pseudonyme utiliséMartin vaudieux
Contenu de l'arnaqueHello,

I have no other way to communicate with you than to send you this email. I am in despair and my heart is bleeding as I send you this message which I hope will grab your attention.

I am contacting you today, because it is true that we do not know each other that does not prevent this gesture on my part. My name is Monsieur Martin Vaudieux of French nationality, but for a particular reason, I must have been an adventurer in search of je ne sais quoi. The reason that pushes me to you is this: I would like to go through your channel to do a charity work. It's a donation of sorts and it's a huge amount. My marital situation is such that I have no wife and even fewer children to whom I could bequeath this inheritance, and I am currently suffering from a tumor in my throat, so I am condemned to certain death. That is why, I would like in a gracious way and in order to help the needy children, to give you this said inheritance to carry out this work of charity.

If you agree, I will wait for an e-mail from you to put you in touch with my lawyer in order to start the various procedures.

I ask you to listen carefully to my proposal, because I count on your good will and also the good use of these funds for this work.

Fraternally, I await your response thank you
Commentaire / ExplicationsSent to my email. The usual stuff you hear. Want to do good. Help you out. I looked up his name and its all over a few scams. One looking for workers to sign up. Sinialr charities and donation scams. Sonetimes the name is just Martin vaudieux sometimes it has a 2 at the end of the last name
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