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Pseudonyme utiliséCyber HACK PRO
Contenu de l'arnaqueHello, If you want to hack your spouses or girlfriends Email, social account, phone and other means to get contact of someone without him/her knowing, contact They are very good and affordable and also based in the USA. contact him via email/phone CYBERHACKPROS@GMAIL.COM or +1 916 378 4978 Tell him i reffered you.He will help you
Commentaire / ExplicationsJust a scammer... be careful
Pour en Savoir +Se faire rembourser en cas d'arnaque, c'est possible avec le Chargeback !
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2 commentaires

  • Hardworking mom le 22/04/2018 à 00:08

    Cyber hack pros is a scammer. Will ask for money then more money then threaten you and tell you to do as told. Will lie about refund. Swear hes a man of God and then says do as your told again. Just a scammer. Do not send money. Will say send by western union or moneygram to ukraine. And then will tell u you need to buy apple card and more bs.

  • Noamon le 06/09/2018 à 14:33

    Yes, i agree with her. Definitely a scammer, please dont make a deal with them if u dont want to lost all ur money, swear hes a man of God and a father to gain ur trust. Their instagram have been deleted today so watchout guys, u r maybe the next victim. Their email is,,, and

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