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Contenu de l'arnaque[30/11, 11:24] +44 7492 453594: *Basic salary*
You can get paid 3 times a month

5 days of work in a row... be paid 800 USDT

15 days of work in a paid 1500 USDT

30 days of work in a paid 3800 USDT

A total 800 plus 1500 plus 3500 = 6100 USDT can be obtained in one month

USDT 6100 = 5799€
[30/11, 11:25] +44 7492 453594: In addition to your salary of USDT 6100 you will get more plus daily commission around 35-55USDT every day., which can be for daily withdrawals after finishing one day of work (120 tasks, or 3 sets per day). The commission income depends entirely on the value of the tasks you encounter, Because the more you do, the more you earn.
[30/11, 11:26] +44 7492 453594: Which means that if you join to work, you will get both benefits (basic salary and daily commission)
[30/11, 11:26] +44 7492 453594: *Note*
Our daily job desk will complete 2-3 package task per day, Each package task come with 40 tasks. We need at least complete 2 package of tasks in a day to be counted as one day job
[30/11, 11:27] +44 7492 453594: If there are no questions, I will give you a training session, and upon completion of the training, you will earn around 45-55 USDT, which you can use to carry out day 1 work
[30/11, 11:28] +44 7492 453594: Here is link to create a KAYAK job account
This is my invitation code: SVB89R
[30/11, 14:48] +44 7492 453594: I'm not force you , because you have no money, but if you can find a solution to find 50usdt more to get started ur work, I think you will get a chance to make money with this job
Commentaire / Explications[30/11, 14:14] +44 7492 453594: to reset your task you need to contact customer service, and deposit your account to have a balance of 100usdt first,
[30/11, 14:14] +44 7492 453594: Because, The minimum amount needed to reset the task is 100usdt, but the platform does not charge you for this amount, and after you have completed the task, you can withdraw the amount you have deposited for resetting and also the commission you have made for doing the task.
[30/11, 14:16] +44 7492 453594: you need to find it , I don't believe you don't have money just 50udst, it is not too much for u

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