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sent 500.00€
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Date of transaction

05, Feb 2024
Money received
500,98 $ USD
= 500.00€ EUR
Fee 3,98 € EUR
Paid with
VISA x-7247 500.98$ USD
You received 500.00€ EUR

Dear Customer

PayPal Payment Under Pending Review Access Now

You have a new message from PayPal regarding the sum of 500.00€ sent to you.

“To respond, simply reply to this mail”!


Unfortunately, we encountered a little problem while crediting your account with 500.00€ today because this amount seems to be above your balance limit.

Why do I need to expand my account.

We place initial limits on all accounts to increase the security precaution and help prevent any fraudulent activities. Take these urgent steps to expand your limits and receive unlimited money.

How do i expand my account- Steps required:-

Contact the last sender to send an additional payment of 200.00€ for your account to be fully expanded. Soon as this is done we will credit the total sum of 700.00€ into your account.


An alert has been sent to the sender in regards to the 200.00€ additional payment that has to be sent to you, we will secure this transaction with high priority whereby the buyer nor the seller will not lose a dime.

You are receiving this email because the sender bank is enrolled with PayPal.© 2024 PayPal Inc.
PayPal related marks and logos are property of Early Warning Services, LLC ®️

Note:Transaction can’t be reversed or canceled until this process is completed

Thank you for using PayPal®️
Commentaire / ExplicationsTentative de phishing avec une personne qui se fait passer pour un peintre voulant peindre une photo de vous

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