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Votre Commentaire / Vos Explicationsbonjour je suspect une arnaque, car je n ais pas commander de photos, je n ai pas donner d ordre de payement pour cet achat, et l adresse de livraison est aux états unis, et en plus j ai demander confirmation a l adresse qui est une adresse introuvable,merci a vous
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  • Bear le 11/01/2018 à 17:40

    I've just received this exact same email and almost logged in through the cancel order link. But thankfully I've actually forgotten my password. Is there anyway to trace this? I want the person(s) responsible severely punished. Or hung.

  • syd le 11/01/2018 à 17:54

    Forward this so they are made aware. it is spam. do not click any links in the email and be sure to delete it after forwarding to

  • Mike le 12/01/2018 à 00:06

    The email address is First I looked up who that email is from. Its from apps jancok raimu. Type that in the search bar. you will find an Indonesian kid. Im trying to get youtube to ban him. the address listed is in the UK. I found a website:

    The word Jancok in English means f**k.
    The domain comes up only a blank page. My email was addressed to my wife. Unfortunately Im the paypal account holder. Her name is not on the account. Paypal noted that the email would have the exact name of the account holder. The address 98 Earlswood park
    ashley, New Milton , Hampshire , BH25 5WY is a residential home (,+New+Milton+BH25+5RF,+UK/@50.7627123,-1.6394597,3a,75y,141.22h,88.81t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sYoDW9k8GustqA77t6DEv1A!2e0!3e11!!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x487384903fefa863:0x4685bb1061298c14!8m2!3d50.7627505!4d-1.6393629). On I found this email. "i just got an email from them regarding a pay-pal request, and when I click on the link to cancel the order, it asks for my credit card details, so no way I'm going further with that. Definitely a scam. Delivery to Stacey Kirby 98 Earlswood park ashley New Milton , Hampshire , BH25 5WY... Lire la suite

  • dijouxmarc le 12/01/2018 à 16:42

    merci les amis de vos commentaire cela confirme bien qu il i a eut arnaque

  • Jessie le 14/01/2018 à 21:05

    Mike's comment is hilarious LMFAO

    I got the same spam mail. Poor Stacey.

  • sophie le 15/01/2018 à 15:31

    pareil pour mio, reçu le même mail ce jour !

  • Karitze le 17/01/2018 à 21:06

    I got the same e mail what should I do? Should I cancel or not I am confuse

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