Arnaque de prêt : Lawrence KUHN


Pseudonyme utiliséLawrence KUHN
Url / Site
Contenu de l'arnaqueHi is lying about everything. For my part, I am Australian but I have lived in France (Brie 16590) since 30 years. For more transparency, you'll see attached a copy of my passport. I have several agricultural land in France that I inherited from my parents. I am on my own account and I am not part of a financing organization. I am a private investor. I have a significant capital to fund serious projects by myself. I opted for the financing of projects since 21 years and several people passed by me for the realization of various projects. Your project interests me and I just want to help you but I'm not forcing you.
Commentaire / ExplicationsHe is going to ask you to send him 250$ instead of his loan.

This man is dead or it is victim of scam. Do not truste this gay !!!!!
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4 commentaires

  • Angelo le 21/01/2020 à 14:48

    he contacted me too: report this and his number.: +33605720384

  • Jean Montier le 17/05/2020 à 18:47

    I was given this same number by someone with the name Jean Montier from France. He offered me a loan as well. Here is what he told me: I just read your mail and I would like to notify you of my availability to give you the lump sum you are looking for in the form of a return on investment ( Loan ). That is, you will repay following the realization of your project (5 to 15 years) with a fixed interest rate of 3%. I won't take any shares in your profits. You'll just have to pay me monthly payments. What do you think? If this type of financing would facilitate you life, feel free to tell me the duration which you would be appropriate for the return of the funds so that I discussed with my financial adviser.

  • Scammed le 23/05/2020 à 11:45

    Well, here on this site is a long list of scammers for those hackers to destroy.And all you have to do is go and google to see that most of the loan sites are made on the same style with face addresses etc.



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